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Wastewater pretreatment plant for fish processing company Kalmar in Lotyn - 01.06.2009

Process wastewater is discharged From "Kalmar" smokehouse center. Process wastewater is generated from: unfreezing, gutting and cleaning material, from smokehouse and herring house. Sewage from the smokehouse have a lot of fat and mineral oil and wastewater from herring house have a lot of chlorides. To clean this wastewater, Inwatec designed DAF-NIKUNI flotation unit with dispersion of air (aeration pump). Flotation unit consists of the following main parts: flotation, saturation and sedimentation. Flotation unit is equipped with a system for fine-bubble aeration using dispersion Nikuni pump. Wastewater from the flocculator, after mixing with adding reagents flows to the flotation unit. Sludge floccs are lifted toward the surface and there mechanically removed by rotary sludge scraper to the special tank.

Fot 1. Nikuni pump in Kalmar - Lotyń
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