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Wastewater pretreatment plant for electroplating industry GALWAX - 01.06.2004

Scope: technological design, realization

Year: 2004

Type of installation: removal of heavy metals

INWATEC wastewater treatment technology:

  • Chemical treatment of galvanic wastewater by precipitation it into the form of metal hydroxides (reduction of chromium, nickel, zinc and copper),
  • Polishing on the filter plant (ion exchange column),
  • Pretreated sewage drains in to sewage system and directing them to the municipal sewage treatment plant,
  • Sedimentation and dewatering of sludge generated in the treatment process,
  • Disposal of dehydrated sludge.

Fot 1. Installation of heavy metal removal in Galwax
INWATEC - oficjalny przedstawiciel firm
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