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Wastewater pretreatment plant for Philips Lightning factory in Pila. - 01.10.2009

Type of production: pharmaceutical industry

Scope: technological design, realization

Year: 2009

Capacity of the plant: Qd= 1200,00 m3/d,

Type of plant: pretreatment plant of process wastewater.

Wastewater from production contains molybdenum compounds in concentrations up to 25g/dm3. Inwatec's technology ensures concentrations in effluent less than 1 mg/dm3

INWATEC wastewater treatment technology:

1.  Chemical treatment of the process wastewater by precipitation of molybdenum,

2.   Cleaning of wastewater on the preventive filter,

3. Pretreated sewage drains in to sewage system and directing them to the municipal sewage treatment plant,

4.  Sedimentation and dewatering of sludge generated in the treatment process,

5.  Disposal of dehydrated sludge.

Fotografia 1. Reactor for chemical precipitation of heavy metals

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