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Wastewater treatment plant for the pig slaughterhouse in PINI-POLONIA. - 01.12.2010

Type of production: pig slaughterhouse
Scope: technological and execution design, execution
Year of graduation: 2010
Capacity of the plant: Qdav = 1 800 m3/d

INWATEC wastewater treatment technology consists:
- Salsnes Filter,
- Flocculation unit
- Flotation unit
- VOLUTE dewatering press

The effect of treatment of waste water was obtained by:

• using of mechanical wastewater treatment technology – filtration process (to remove suspended solids) implemented by using a Salsnes filter,

• using of chemical precipitation technology for removal suspended solids (TSS) and organics (BOD, COD) by using DAF-Nikuni flotation,

• using VOLUTE dewatering press for DAF sludge

Fot 1. Volute Dewaterin Press ES-301 in PINI-POLONIA plant

Fot 2. Salsnes Filter 6000 in PINI-POLONIA plant

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