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Ozone (O3) is chemical agent with strong oxidizing potential. It is used for tertiary treatment or polishg of treated wastewater and in flotation process (Dissolved Ozone Flotation).
In comparison with other oxidizig and disinfection agents (i.e. chlorine and chlorine dioxide) ozone has higher efficiency of removal organics, bacteria and viruses.

Modern ozone generators used by Inwatec have ability to produce ozone with concetration of 300g O3/Nm3. Additionaly, energy demand for ozone generation is more than 20% less than in traditional equipment.
High concentration of generated ozone is one of the key parameters to reach high efficiency of oxidation. By using ozone generators from Inwatec, it is possible to reach 98% solubility of gas in water.

Application of ozone

- polishing of water and wastewater
- Advanced Oxidation Processes (O3/UV; O3/H2O2; O3/H2O2/UV)
- Dissolved Ozone Flotation - DOF

Generation and decomposition of ozone:

1. Oxygen  molecule (O2)
2. By using energy oxygen molecule (O2) is divided on atomic oxygen (O1)
3. Atomic oxygen (O1) connets to other oxygen molecule (O2) creating ozone molecule (O3)
4. Atomic oxygen is released from ozone molecule and creates oxidizing potential
5. Ozone molecule (O3) is changing into oxygen molecule (O2)
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