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MBBR is high efficient biological wastewater treatment technology.
Bacteria responsible for treatment have good conditions for growth. High microorganisms and oxygen concentration cause possibility to remove few times more organic matter than in traditional activated sludge treatment plants.

MBBR process is based on bacterial membrane (biofilm) wchich is formed on the specially designed plastic elements (biocarriers) immersed in the entire volume of bioreactor i.e. tank made from HDPE.  Elements of MBBR are designed to create the greatest active surface (from 200÷1200m2/m3) for bacterial membrane and optimal conditions for different microorganisms cultures.

In MBBR technology biological biofilm is suspended on biocarriers and is mixed in bioreactors by:
  • compressed air (aerobic reactors)
  • mechanical agitators (anaerobic reactors).


Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor can be applied in following industries: 

  • fish industry
  • municipal plants
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • dairy
  • cellulose and paper
  • chemical industry
  • breweries


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