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Retrofit of WWTP

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Inwatec's equipment is used for modernization and capacity enlargement of existing wastewater treatment plants. Application of modern equipment may increase plant capacity without earthworks and enlarge footprint, furthermore with enhancement of effluent quality.
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NIKUNI pumps - are the most sufficient pumps to generate micro and nano bubbles for flotation process. Inwatec design and delivers complete flotation unit (tank, pump, flotation unit, dosing stations) and modernize old, low-effective and worn-out dispersion system from competitors. Modernization with usage of Nikuni pump leads to reduction of energy costs, chemicals demand and also increase treatment efficiency in floation process.

Fot 1. Nikuni pumps (1) and conventional dispersion system (2) with the same capacity

DAF-NIKUNI pump, more...

VOLUTE dewatering press - modern dewatering press Volute is efficient way to reduce sludge management costs. By high effectivness of dewatering, low exploitation costs (water, energy, chemicals) and maintenance-free operation, Volute dewatering press is free from onerous exploitation problems which are typical for other dewatering equipment (belt press, chamber press, ring press or centrifuge).
Design of Volute press allowed to reduce radically exploitation cost related to energy demand - few times less demand compare to belt press and several times compare to centrifuge. Morevover, costs related to rinsing water  are in many cases 200-400 less!

Volute dewatering press, more
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