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DAF-NIKUNI Flotation

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DAF-NIKUNI flotation is wastewater treatment technology which use nano- and micro-bubbles (MNB – size 20-30 µm) of air for removal of suspended solids and colloids. This method has lower energy demand (~50%) and treats wastewater more efficient in smaller flotation unit (compare to traditional flotation units). The key part of the unit is Japanese NIKUNI pump, which replace complex flotation systems with air compressor, additional pumps, pressure tanks and expanded control system.

DAF-NIKUNI flotation can be applied in:
  • food industry,
  • fruit and vegetable processing industry,
  • dairies,
  • fish processing industry,
  • pulp and paper industry,
  • meat processing industry,
  • cosmetic industry etc.
 DAF-NIKUNI flotation units designed by INWATEC, are equipment made from polyethylene (cylindrical flotation unit with vertical flow) or from steel (cuboidal flotation unit with horizontal flow). High micro-bubbles saturation (up to 10% volume of liquid) causes higher efficiency and higher removal rate of pollutants comparing to traditional flotation units.
DAF-NIKUNI flotation unit description:
  • well-treated effluents,
  • removal of suspended solids with low ability to sedimentation,
  • high reduction of BOD, COD, suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus,
  • low hydration of sludge,
  • chemical resistance – HDPE, PP, PVC, steel 304 and AISI 316,
  • low chemical consumption,
  • low energy demand,
  • small footprint,
  • noiseless,
  • lower exploitation costs.
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