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Salsnes Filter is highly efficient equipment for mechanical separation of suspended solids in municipal and industrial wastewaters.


Salsnes Filter is compact and completely covered equipment. It has patented air cleaning system for removal of the sludge from the mesh cloth. As Salsnes is made in closure body it does not generate any odours outside. There is many available models of the filter i.e.: without dewatering unit or mirror models which facilitate the installation. Standard models have integrated dewatering sludge system. Salsnes Filter can be made from stainless steel 304 or 316.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

In municipal wastewater treatment plants Salsnes Filter can replace primary settling tank which is used for removal of suspended solids from influent. Following methodical research and development, Salsnes Filter has today emerged as a fully modern and contemporary product; which is efficient in operation as regards separation efficiency, cost, and maintenance and space requirements.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

In industrial wastewater treatment plants Salsnes Fliter achieve, incomparable with primary settling tanks, separation effect, especially in: the food industry, pulp and paper industry, fish farming and cruise ships. In industrial applications Salsnes exploits dewatering device and achieve up to 60% of dry mass.

Salsnes Filter Models:

  • SF – stand alone, wastewater coming onto Filter from the pipes,
  • SFFloc – models with integrated flocculation and settling to achieve enhanced separation effects,
  • SFK – wastewater coming onto Filter from the cannels.

Filtr Salsnes - zastosowania

Filtr Salsnes - model SFK

Filtr Salsnes - model SFfloc

Filtr Salsnes - model SF

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