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Compact Inwatec System

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CIS (Compact Inwatec System) is mechanical-biological-chemical technology for wastewater treatment based on mechanical treatment of Salsnes Filter and biological treatment on MBBR biocarriers and mechanical-chemical polishing on flotation process.
CIS is modern technology with high treatment efficiency with small footrpint of the plant.

Scheme of modular WWTP - "CIS"

Mechanical stage
  • Salsnes Filter is used to removal suspended solids. Filter has function of dewatering of raw sludge.
Biological stage
  • Denitrification tanks with  MBBR biocarriers and agitators;
  • Nitrification tanks with MBBR biocarriers and aeration grid.
Mechanial-chemical stage
Other equipment used in WWTP layout are: blowers, dosing stations, control panel. 
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