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Filtration and harvesting of algae by SWAT technology

Separation of algae from water and biofuel production from algae biomass are hot topics solved by environmental engineering companies, recently. Polish company – Inwatec, with Norwegian partner Salsnes Filter (leader in filtration technology) and five other companies from engineering and R&D branch: Asio (Czech Republic), Aquateam (Norway), HERI (Great Britain), Aqualia (Spain) and IGV (Germany) are preparing high efficient technology for algae separation and harvesting as high concentrated green biomass. SWAT technology consist of chemical processes (flocculation) and afterwards filtration of algae from water. Biomass obtained from the process can be used for production of pharmaceuticals, biofuels, green energy or animal’s feed. The study and elaboration of high efficient technology, which enable to harvest dewatered biomass, will lead to reduce the costs of power-consuming dewatering process. This might be very interesting for European algae market, which covers 30% of world market of algae production. The coordinator of the project, Salsnes Filter, has hundreds installations of their filtration technology, mainly at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Nowadays, Salsnes realize implementation phase of giant project of mechanical treatment step at the municipal treatment plant in Mexico for 1 million 300 thousand m3 per day. The experience of Inwatec company, Salsnes Filter and other partners will be helpful to develop effective technology expected by many concerns. Inwatec participates in the project because of the knowledge in filtration and industrial wastewater treatment and experience gained by implementation of Salsnes filters in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants in Poland. SWAT project is financed from 7th Framework Programme European Union (scientific research budget) and its completion will take two years. Financial support from EU is 1 040 000 EURO and total value of the project is 1 300 000 EURO.
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